About Easy Riders Vietnam

What is an Easy Rider?

An Easy Rider is a Vietnamese guide on a motorbike. Easy Riders speak English and know the ins and outs of Vietnamese roads, nature, history and culture. During a tour with an Easy Rider, you comfortably sit on the back of his motorbike or – if you are in possession of a valid license – you can ride yourself on a well-maintained motorbike.

All certified Easy Riders carry an official license issued by the Vietnamese government.

You will hardly see the highway, because Vietnam has much more to offer off the beaten track. Our experienced Easy Riders will guide you effortlessly through the country, with numerous stops at local families, unspoilt nature, fantastic food stalls and breathtaking temples and historic sites.

Any duration, any destination

Easy Rider tours can last any number of days. From a day trip over the spectacular Hai Van Pass between Hue and Hoi An (or vice versa) to a motorbike adventure of 9 days starting in Phong Nha and ending in Dalat or Nha Trang – and everything in between.

Use your motorbike tour with an Easy Rider to travel from A to B or explore the beautiful countryside leaving and arriving from the city. Interested in particular sights to visit? Check out our specials on Vietnam Beaches, the Central Highlands, the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), Ho Chi Minh Trail, Mekong Delta, National Parks or Vietnam War Sites.

About easyridersvietnam.org

Easy Riders Vietnam offers unique motorbike tours in Vietnam. On this website you’ll find information about Easy Riders and exploring Vietnam by motorbike. Choose and book the perfect tour to fit your travel itinerary, to and from every major city in Vietnam.

With an English website and fixed pricing, we try to make it as easy as possible for you – from your home or while travelling – to book an unforgettable motorbike experience with reliable and professional guides. We aim for your experience – both online and during your tour – to be as hospitable and comfortable as possible.

Certified & experienced

Easy Riders Vietnam has an exclusive collaboration with Mr Vu and his team of Easy Riders, an organization acknowledged and certified by the national government of Vietnam. Mr Vu and his team have been active as Easy Riders since 1991 and apply high quality and safety standards to their tours.

Do you have any questions? Check out our helpful support page with the frequently asked ones.

Company details

Easy Riders Vietnam | Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 77305590 | VAT: NL860965302B01 | Address: Kerkeland 37, 6862 VA Oosterbeek, Netherlands | bookings[a]easyridersvietnam.org


No need to haggle over the duration, sights and price of your tour on the street or in a shabby shack. Browse, pick and book your tour undisturbed and online.


Start your motorbike adventure when your want, where you want. Our Easy Riders will pick you up and drop you off at locations of your choosing.


Your safety is our primary concern. During the tour you wear a helmet and protective gear for your upper body and knees – even if you are sitting on the back of the motorbike.

Let us introduce ourselves

Our Easy Riders

All our Easy Riders love being on the road. Until there’s something along the way they would like you to see, experience or taste. Those cool motorbike guys turn into passionate storytellers about their homeland and heritage. And it doesn’t stop there. In the evenings they love to take you out for traditional Vietnamese dishes, accompanied by ca phe or a bia.

Let us introduce you to some of our well experienced riders:

Mr Vu

Mr Vu Easy Rider

Mr Vu started as an Easy Rider in 1991. He’s the head and the heart of our company.

Mr Viet

Mr Viet Easy Rider

Mr Viet is an Easy Rider like no other. His excitement and enthusiasm make you want to stay in Vietnam forever.

Mr Ty

Mr Ty Easy Rider

Mr Ty – also known as Mr T or Mr Tee – is a one of our Easy Riders of the first hour.

Mr Ben

Mr Ben Easy Rider

Muscled Mr Ben has been a part of our outfit since 2010.

Mr De

Mr De Easy Rider

Mr De makes sure fun and enjoyment are paramount during your tour.

Mr Tuan

Mr Tuan Easy Rider

Mr Tuan is one of the tallest Vietnamese you will ever meet. Has been a guide for over 10 years.

Mr Ken

Mr Ken Easy Rider

Tough Mr Ken definitely knows his way off the beaten path.

Mr Luu

Mr Luu Easy Rider

Mr Luu has been a guide for over a decade.

Mr Li

Mr Li Easy Rider

Mr Li effortlessly guides you from one amazing sight to another.

Mr Hoa

Mr Hoa Easy Rider

Quick learner, Mr Hoa. Within a day he will thank you or wish you good night in your own language.

Mr Giang

Mr Giang Easy Rider

Mr Giang is one of our newest addition to the outfit – eager to learn from the old pros.

Mr Hoang

Mr Hoang Easy Rider

Mr Hoang rides motorcycles and climbs trees. What more do you want from an Easy Rider?

Mr David

Mr David Easy Rider

Mr David has almost two decades of experience. He definitely can show you Vietnam through the eyes of a local.

Mr Hung

Mr Hung Easy Rider

Mr Hung effortlessly guides you from one amazing sight to another.

Mr Ca

Mr Ca Easy Rider

In almost a decade Mr Ca has guided plenty of happy visitors around in his beloved country.

Mr Cuong

Mr Cuong Easy Rider

In twenty years Mr Cuong has guided plenty of happy visitors around the highlands of Vietnam.