Easy Riders Vietnam presents various motorcycle tours in and through Vietnam. The service provided by Easy Riders Vietnam is to help you to make the desired reservations. Easy Riders Vietnam works purely as an intermediary between client and tour provider.

Easy Riders Vietnam is registered in the Netherlands with the following details:

Tour Program

All tour programs (‘Sights & Hightlights’) described on the website of Easy Riders Vietnam are subject to change. Factors such as (bad) weather, road condition and other unforeseen circumstances can affect the best way to get from the start to the final destination safely. The Easy Rider will always discuss major changes in the program with you.

Tour Booking & Payment

Booking online

You can book a tour using the Easy Riders Vietnam website’s webshop. Reservations made via email are not accepted. On the website, you select the tour of your preference and follow the steps of the booking process. You provide the information necessary to organize a tour and pay the deposit (down payment). Once the deposit has been made you will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail. Now your booking is final. An Easy Rider will contact you within a few days using the email address you provided upon booking the tour.


The standard deposit or down payment ranges from ten percent (10%) to fifteen percent (15%) of the total amount. The down payment is paid in Euro (EUR). It is not possible to pay the tour in full beforehand or online, as the Easy Rider needs the remaining cash payment to make arrangements during the tour.

Payment remaining amount

The remaining ninety percent (90%) or eighty five percent (85%) must be paid in cash to the Easy Rider at the start of the tour. Accepted currencies for the cash payment are Vietnamese dong (VND) or American dollar (USD), at the exchange rate applicable and set by Vietcombank at that time.

Changes & Cancellations

Change tour

Based on availability of guides and motorbikes, it is possible to change your tour to a different tour. Please be advised that the deposit you paid for the original tour is non-refundable, since this is used for, or necessary to cancel, various reservations made in Vietnam. If you decide to change your booking, you pay one hundred percent (100%) of the total amount due for the new tour in cash to the Easy Rider(s).

Change startdate

Based on availability of guides, it is possible to change the startdate of your tour, free of charge.

Cancel tour

If you need to cancel your tour, please let us know as soon as possible. Please be advised that the deposit you paid for the tour is non-refundable, since this is used for, or necessary to cancel, various reservations made in Vietnam.


Firstly, Easy Riders Vietnam is not liable for any damage suffered by the tour participant during or as a result of the tour. Moreover, Easy Riders Vietnam is also not liable for loss, theft or damage to property.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive travel and/or health insurance in your home country before starting the tour. Please check if your policy covers the activities you want to undertake.

During the tour you are insured by Mr. Vu Dalat Road Rider – the tour provider – for damage caused by you or others to the motorbike or scooter made available to you for the tour.


We firmly believe it is a shared responsibility of Easy Riders Vietnam, the tour guide and yourself to meet your expectations regarding the tour. Please share your wishes, expectations, and requests on the booking form and/or during the tour with your tour guide. Afterwards we can’t adjust your experience anymore.

During the tour

If you are unhappy during the tour, please report this during the tour and as soon as possible to your tour guide. This way a solution can be found and he or we can do something about it.

Booking process

Complaints regarding the booking process can be directed at Easy Riders Vietnam.