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Booking your Easy Rider Tour Online

Exploring authentic Vietnam with an Easy Rider is a must-do while in Vietnam. You search and book your flight online, you arrange your accommodation online… so why not your Easy Rider tour as well? In that case it’s nice to know what to expect. Without further ado: an Easy Rider tour in 3 simple steps.

1 - Book Online

No need to haggle over duration, itinerary or price. Browse, pick  and book your favorite tour, at your desired departure date – undisturbed and online. You pay 10% in advance, the remainder directly to your Easy Rider on the day of departure.

2 - Let’s Go!

Between 8 and 9 o’clock in the morning, our Easy Rider will pick you up at your accommodation. Your luggage will be tied to the motorbike in waterproof bags, while you put on sunscreen, protective gear and a helmet. Are you ready for an adventure?

3 - Enjoy the Ride

No crazy traffic – explore authentic Vietnam off the beaten track. Regularly stops for sightseeing, leg stretching and local food and drinks. Overnight stays and breakfast included on all multi-day tours. Drop-off at the accommodation of your choice.

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