Is an international driving license valid in Vietnam?

Since 2014, most foreigners are permitted to drive in Vietnam with an International Driving Permit (IDP). You can only get your IDP in your home country, the permit cannot be obtained once in Vietnam or on the road. Driving with only a motorcycle license from your home country is not sufficient.

Driving a motorcycle without the proper licensing can affect the validity of your (travel)insurance. This is at the driver’s own risk.

International Driving Permit in Vietnam

What permits do I need to drive in Vietnam?

In order to legally be allowed to drive in Vietnam, you need a (1) valid A1 or A2 driving permit from your home country, in combination with a (2) International Driving Permit (1968-version). Please check which kinds of motorized vehicles you can drive in Vietnam with your driving permit:

  • AM license: 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles with an engine size up to 50cc
  • A1 license: you can drive light motorbikes with an engine size up to 175cc
  • A2 license: you can also drive bikes in category A1, as well as motorbikes with an engine size over 175cc
  • B(1) license: car
Residents of which countries can use an international driving permit in Vietnam?

The validity of the International Driving Permit in Vietnam has been arranged through the 1949 Convention and the 1968 Convention. The latter convention was signed by Vietnam in 2014. However, it has not been ratified by countries as Australia, Canada, Ireland, and USA. Experience tells us that Vietnamese police officials treat every IDP as an IDP.

Click here for a list of all countries who signed the 1968 Convention. IDPs from those countries are valid in Vietnam.